Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Tory threat to NHS

The Health Service Journal has today revealed the extent of the threat posed by a re-elected Tory government. Essentially, the HSJ says: "Closing wards and services, blocking choice of private providers, systematically extending waiting times, and stopping some treatments are all being considered under a national programme targeted at the health economies with the highest overspends."

In response, Jonathan Ashworth, Shadow Health Secretary and Leicester MP, says:

"With 48 hours to go until the General Election, the true scale of the secret Tory plan for cuts and closures across the NHS has been revealed by the Health Service Journal.

"We now know if the Tories are re-elected on Thursday we'll see hospital wards closed, waiting times growing, treatments rationed and staff cut.

"The fact that NHS bosses have described this as the most extreme and difficult NHS finance process they have experienced and would challenge the value basis of the NHS, will make chilling reading for patients and their families who deserve the very best levels of care.

"Every single day the Tories are in power hospitals are being left to crumble, staff are being let down, waiting lists are growing and patients are being denied the care they need and deserve.
"Let's be clear - these new, secret Tory plans will only be stopped by electing a Labour Government on Thursday.

"The NHS cannot survive five more years of a Tory government. That is why Labour has pledged to bring the health service back from the brink with a multi-billion pounds rescue package. The British people deserve nothing less."

Incidentally, did you see this story on the BBC lunchtime news? No, me neither. Funny that. Questions may need to be asked.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Stand up for democracy


"Our nation has been united in shock and grief. But as I watched thousands of people coming together in Albert Square in Manchester, I saw unwavering defiance too.

"This attack sought to divide us, and instead we sent a powerful message of solidarity and of love. We saw so much evidence of our humanity: from the people we ask to protect us in the emergency services; from those who rushed towards the carnage to comfort the dying or offered lifts home and places to stay; from those gathered the following day in Albert Square.

"So for the rest of this election campaign all of us need to stand together and we need to stand up for democracy.

"Because when we talk about British values, including tolerance and mutual support, democracy is at the very heart of them."

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Millions of pensioners betrayed by Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn reacts to Theresa May's attack on older people in today's Tory manifesto.:
Millions of pensioners are betrayed by Theresa May's manifesto. She is hitting older people with a classic Nasty Party triple whammy. Scrapping the triple lock on pensions, removing the Winter Fuel Allowance and forcing those who need social care to pay for it with their homes.
To be fair though, Jeremy, at least these are policies she didn't steal from us.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Labour's campaign

On the day our manifesto is officially published - and the BBC can officially tear into our agenda because it means people like them might have to chip in a little more to public coffers - here is a reminder who Labour is really about (and, incidentally, where they live).